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Root Canal Charleston SC

Root CanalAn Overview

Root canals can be a “life saving” procedure for a tooth that has become severely decayed, infected or damaged. Root canals, when appropriate, avoid tooth loss and the many dental health challenges that arise afterwards, including replacement.

At West Ashley Family Dentistry in Charleston, Dr. James Dickert and Dr. Agatha Lynn will recommend root canals over tooth extraction whenever possible to save a natural tooth and the long term integrity of your smile.

Although the mention of a root canal can cause anxiety in many patients, the advances in technique and materials have transformed this procedure, causing no more discomfort than a dental filling in most cases. If you have been suffering with intense or throbbing pain, the root canal will relieve your symptoms almost immediately.

Dr. Dickert and Dr. Lynn offer sedation dentistry for patients who suffer with dental anxiety or those preferring to be completely relaxed during the procedure.

Root Canal What to Expect

The root canal procedure is typically completed in one visit to our Charleston dentist office. The process will begin with ensuring that you are completely comfortable and relaxed.

The first step is to create a tiny hole on the back of the affected tooth. The infected tissue will be removed and the tooth interior pulp chamber will be cleaned to avoid future infection.

The interior of the tooth will be filled with a biocompatible material that will serve to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth. The tooth will then be sealed.

In many cases, the placement of a dental crown on the affected tooth is recommended. This will strengthen the tooth and improve the longevity of your result. You will have to return to our office for the final placement of your dental crown.