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Our Technology

Charleston dentists Dr. James Dickert and Dr. Agatha Lynn have embraced and incorporated digital technology into West Ashley Family Dentistry for the benefit of our patients. The many advances made in both materials and the use of digital imagery for treatment planning have translated to a better patient experience overall: more accurate treatment planning, predictable results, and comfortable procedures.

We are proud to be an “all-digital” dental practice in Charleston, serving patients of all ages with comprehensive care using advanced technology and the latest techniques.

Digital Records and X-rays

Digital x-rays significantly reduce radiation exposure for patients and produce high-resolution images for immediate use in diagnostics and routine care. These can be stored in your “digital dental history” for future use as needed.

E4D Technology

E4D is a CAD/CAM technology that enables us to design, fabricate and place high-quality ceramic dental restorations during a single visit.


Cavitron is an ultrasonic oral scaler that can remove tooth stains and plaque with high-frequency sound waves. This makes the cleaning process a more comfortable experience, while offering advanced capabilities.