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Dental Cleaning Charleston, SC

Dental CleaningAn Overview

West Ashley Family Dentistry recommends that patients of all ages come in twice a year for a professional dental cleaning as part of comprehensive disease prevention. A dental cleaning performed in our Charleston dentist office can offer thorough removal of plaque from all tooth surfaces, preventing tooth decay and the development of gum disease. In addition to brushing or polishing your teeth, we will also examine your mouth to look for decay, gum disease, and any signs of other problems such as oral cancer.

Brushing and flossing daily between visits will help to maintain your oral health and reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth and on tooth surfaces.

Dental Cleaning What to Expect

A dental cleaning is generally a painless procedure during which your dental hygienist will clean all surfaces of the teeth. The first step will be to gently scrape away any plaque or tartar that has built up along the gumline or tooth surfaces, followed by a polishing using fluoride toothpaste. We may use the Cavitron ultrasonic cleaner to painlessly remove tartar with dramatic results.

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The final step is a thorough flossing between all of your teeth to remove any food particles. During your routine visits and dental cleaning procedure, we can also offer personalized oral hygiene advice or demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques to use at home. Disease prevention is the key to enjoying not only a lasting smile, but a reduced risk for overall health concerns such as cardiovascular and systemic disease.

Dental Anxiety? We Have Solutions

For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, even a dental cleaning procedure can be stressful. We take a compassionate approach to your needs as a patient and will work with you individually to identify the best way to calm your fears and enable you to feel relaxed. We offer sedation dentistry when necessary to help you restore or maintain your oral health.