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Single Tooth Dental Implant Charleston, SC

single tooth dental implant in charleston, sc

A single missing tooth can cause serious oral health issues as well as other health concerns. It can compromise your smile and make you self-conscious. With a missing tooth, you have an increased risk of developing halitosis and gum disease, bone loss, and teeth shifting. The sooner you replace your missing tooth, the more effective and conservative the treatment will be.

Dr. James Dickert and Dr. Agatha Lynn offer dental implant secured dental crowns at their Charleston, SC dentist office for patients missing a single tooth. The best solution for a single missing tooth is a dental implant which will provide a solid foundation for a dental. A dental implant secured with a dental crown is an investment in your health, confidence, and overall well-being.

The Single Dental Implant Process

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically placed in the jawbone to replace the missing root structure and anchor the replacement tooth. Dr. Dickert or Dr. Lynn will coordinate the surgical phase of your implant procedure with a local oral surgeon who will perform the implantation of the post. Over a 3-6 month period after the surgery, the titanium post will fuse with the natural bone through a process called osseointegration, helping it to support the structure of the jaw.

Once the dental implant has healed and integrated with the surrounding bone, an abutment will be placed on the implanted post. This will serve as a foundation for the placement of the dental crown. We will also get impressions of your teeth and implants to create a mold that will be used to fabricate your new dental restoration.

Dr. Dickert or Dr. Lynn will then secure the dental crown to the healed implant at their Charleston, SC dentist office during your final appointment. The crown will be custom-designed to aesthetically fit your smile. A dental implant provides natural, tooth-like replacement options for a missing tooth.

A dental implant will allow patients to maintain a normal oral hygiene routine and eat and speak with confidence. An implant also provides long-term support of the jaw bone to deter deterioration and recession of the facial structure.

Cost of Single Dental Implant

Generally speaking, a single dental implant that is utilized to secure a dental crown will cost on average about $4,000. This includes the surgical placement of the implant, the abutment, the crown, all the procedures involved, and some additional materials. If any preparatory procedures are needed, such as gum disease treatment, the final cost will be more.

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