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Crooked Teeth Charleston, SC

Are you hiding your smile because of teeth that are crooked or misaligned?

Your crooked teeth may be more than an aesthetic issue, they may be causing dental problems affecting your long-term oral health. Damage to the gums, teeth, and jaw are a few oral health complications you may encounter. Crooked teeth can also lead to:

  • Speech issues
  • Chewing and digestion issues
  • Periodontal disease
  • Excess wear and tear on the teeth
  • TMJ and chronic jaw pain
  • Increase risk of tooth decay

A smile that negatively affects your self-esteem can also have a detrimental impact on your personal and professional interactions. People also associated a straight smile with a healthy one. A straight smile will deliver an ideal smile and boost your confidence level.

Charleston cosmetic dentists Dr. James Dickert and Dr. Agatha Lynn can work with you to find the most appropriate dental treatment for straightening your smile and improving your dental health. We strive to offer personalized care for your smile that meets your unique needs and goals and supports your long-term oral health.

Straightening Teeth: What Are the Options?

For many, orthodontic care is the best way to straighten crooked teeth and resolve bite problems for long-term results that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, many people would rather avoid orthodontic care, especially adults. There are other ways to address crooked teeth, depending on your specific dental problem.

After evaluating your dental health and discussing your cosmetic goals, we can recommend treatment options that will suit your needs. These can include:

  • Invisalign®: Dr. Dickert and Dr. Lynn are Charleston Invisalign providers and can straighten your teeth with this convenient, discreet option. A custom set of clear aligners will gently reposition your teeth and give you a beautiful smile in about a year. The aligners should be worn for about 22 hours a day. You will be able to remove them to brush and floss and to eat.
  • Porcelain veneers: If your bite is healthy and functional, dental veneers may be effective for addressing teeth that appear crooked due to irregularities in their shape. Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells that are permanently adhered to the front of the prepared teeth. They are extremely durable and will resist stains. With proper care, they can last up to 15 years.
  • Dental crowns: A dental crown can be placed over a crooked tooth. A tooth crown is like a cap that will cover the entire tooth. They can be colored-matched to blend in with your natural smile. Our office uses advanced CAD/CAM technology and an in-office milling system to create and place dental crowns in just one visit.

Crooked Teeth FAQs

Will crooked teeth straighten out naturally?

In some cases, as children with crooked teeth grow, their teeth will straighten out on their own. If teeth begin to come in crooked it is best to wait and let them come in fully before attempting to correct any misalignment, as teeth may align themselves naturally as a child grows.

How long does it take to straighten crooked teeth with orthodontics?

The amount of time it takes to straighten teeth varies from patient to patient, depending on the severity of the misalignment in their bite. In most cases, it takes anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.

What are the causes of crooked teeth?

Jaw and tooth development greatly contribute to your risk of misaligned or crooked teeth. Jaw and palate size, too many teeth, overbites, and underbites can contribute to crooked teeth. Habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting affect the chance of children developing tooth problems. 

Can braces be used to correct a bite if only one tooth is crooked?

Yes, braces can be used to correct a single tooth. This is typically a quick treatment. Patients will only need a set of braces on the layer of teeth that needs aligning. In most cases straightening a singular crooked tooth only takes between 4-6 months.

Can I treat crooked teeth as an adult?

Of course! No one is too old to treat their crooked teeth. Adults can straighten teeth with braces or more discreet alternatives like clear Invisalign aligners. Adult patients can find the right orthodontic treatment to treat their crooked teeth based on the extent of their misalignment. 

How do crooked teeth affect facial appearance?

Your teeth play a large part in your facial structure. Crooked teeth may make your mouth appear crooked. Your teeth affect the position of your lips, jaw, and chin. Certain facial features may protrude or recede due to your teeth. Straightening your crooked teeth will make a difference in how your face looks.

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