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West Ashley Family Dentistry serves patients from Charleston and many surrounding communities in a warm, caring environment. Dr. James Dickert and Dr. Agatha Lynn are dedicated to providing the highest standard of dental care for patients using advanced techniques and quality materials. Your unique smile is given personalized treatment by a highly trained and educated team of dental professionals.

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Our newly renovated Charleston dentist office has incorporated digital technology to make your visit with us more efficient and less uncomfortable. Drs. Dickert and Lynn are committed to improving your patient experience through continuing education in all aspects of your dental care and both have completed courses at the prestigious Dawson Academy.

This training focuses on a comprehensive approach known as “complete dentistry” that takes into account all parts of the occlusal system and how they affect your overall dental health. Drs. Dickert and Lynn seek to identify any underlying dental problems that may affect the integrity of your results before recommending a treatment plan designed to restore or enhance your smile.

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Patient Centered Dental Care In Charleston

Complete dentistry means that the goal of your treatment is to meet your needs with appropriate dentistry that will also provide lasting results and a healthy, comfortable smile. Dr. Dickert and Dr. Lynn will take the time to evaluate your oral health and understand your personal concerns and goals in order to provide a customized treatment plan.

Dr. Dickert and Dr. Lynn provide a full range of general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry to meet most of your oral health needs and dental concerns. We emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy smile and can work with you to get back a smile you feel good about if you have complex dental problems such as missing or worn teeth. We can also help you to brighten, straighten, or make over a smile that will boost your confidence and support your long-term dental health.

Disease Prevention for A Lasting Smile

Preventive dental care is the foundation of our Charleston dentist office- and lifelong oral health. The comprehensive care you receive at West Ashley Family Dentistry is tailored to your smile- there is no “one size fits all” approach. Each patient has unique needs and goals when it comes to their smile and our dedicated staff will work with you on an individual basis to help you achieve and enjoy a beautiful, healthy and functional smile.

We recommend that you visit with us twice a year for routine dental care that includes:

Routine visits provide an important opportunity for your dentist to look for the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other common concerns that can be effectively treated with conservative measures. For younger patients, regular dental visits enable us to monitor for healthy tooth development as well as educate them on the benefits of lifelong oral health.

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West Ashley Family Dentistry welcomes new patients to our Charleston dentist office. Conveniently located on St. Andrews Blvd, we serve patients from downtown to the beaches of Charleston, SC. to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dickert or Dr. Lynn, contact us at (843) 371-5480 or request one online today.